Special Learning on Vedic Astro Vastu

Special Learning on Vedic Astro Vastu Coming Soon

Date Of Class : 10th April 2021 

Course Duration : 16 Sessions (Each Session will be of 2 hrs)

Course Fee : 30000 INR

Type Of Classes : Online

Timing : 19Hrs – 21Hrs IST

Location : Zoom Webinar

Eligibility: Basic working knowledge of normal Vastu rules.

What is Astro Vastu?

Astrology is a study of a profound voyage into the world of celestial bodies to analyze their effect over life. The position of the planets and other heavenly bodies gives a remarkable influence over the life course of a person. Though astrology course and Vastu course are inter-related to each other, few half baked ideologists have created a myth and misunderstanding to raise the gap between the two aforesaid complementary branches of Astrology. Studies have revealed that drawing perfect predictions is not possible only by referring to astrology. Sometimes despite trying out all astrological remedies, a person doesn't get a good result—the lacking here arises due to the insufficient prediction without any consideration of Vastu. A person spent most of his time in a building say home or office. The location and position of architecture, its colour, placement of the various objects in the premises all give an impact in the life and make a connection with the impacting celestial bodies. Astro Vastu analyzes the astrological issues, including the effect of Vastu.

About Astro Vastu Course

Astro Vastu course is a complete package of course that provides a solid foundation to the learner about the whole concept of astrology. It includes the effect of the zodiac signs and planets with a combination of Vastu. Earlier Vastu was not much into consideration, but studies have revealed that the accurate prediction can only make through the combined analysis of Astro Vastu, and this is what the offering of this course. This course gives an enriched knowledge about the Astrology and Vastu with their combined positive and negative impact over a native based on his Kundli and map of the house. Our Astro Vastu Course online Provide an enriched and delighted experience to the learner with a profound knowledge of the combined course. Astro Vastu course includes the study of the planetary impacts along with the position and placement of a house of a native. This course gives a passionate vision to predict the home of a person along with an in-depth analysis of the position of various placement, including their direction. The best part is to get an enhanced vision so that the future error related to direction and placing of objects can be analyzed beforehand to avoid the future negative situation and enhance the positivity.

Course Content

Astro Vastu course contains an intense study of the combination of traditional astrology with Vastu Shatra. It includes the overall lessons of the relationship of Astrology and Vastu and their collective impact over a person. It makes one learn the art of balancing energies. Thus it includes

Understanding astrology including all 12 houses
Significance of planets and zodiac signs in Astro Vastu
Map of residence and its relevance with the 12 planetary houses
Significance of directions along with the combined impact of planetary role
Study of five elements, their importance and role in Astro Vastu
Identification of sensitive directions
Identification of sensitive objects
The relevance of Vedic Astro Vastu with health
The connection of Vedic Astro Vastu with Career
The association of Vedic Astro Vastu with the personal relationship
Analysis of Vedic Astro Vatu remedies
Utilization of prashna Chart for Vedic Astro Vastu
Significance of the core study of 4th house of chart
Use of Koorma Chakra in Vedic Astro Vastu
Use of Kota Chakra in Vedic Astro Vastu
Use of Sarvatobhadra Chakra in Vedic Astro Vastu


Course Duration

The course is compiled intellectually in such a manner that it provides the best extract of Astro Vastu course. The Overall Course duration of the Astro Vastu, including Astro Vastu Remedies course, is divided into 16 sessions where the span of each session is 2 hours.

Other relevant courses to be pursued after Vedic Astro Vastu Course

To be an adept one must possess the full fledge knowledge of any stream. NB Astro offers you a series of courses that one must pursue along with the Astro Vastu Course to become a proficient astrologer. These courses are as follows.
Predictive Nakshatras
Prashna Astrology
Sarvato Bhadra Chakra
Secretes of Navamsa
Special Nakshatra in Horoscope
Special Class on Gulika
Medical Astrology


After thoroughly studying all the above courses, one can become a proficient and learned astrologer with an in-depth knowledge of various aspects of astrology. All these courses give delighted learning to the person to be known as a scholar of Astrology.

Course Material

Astro Vastu course is a course generated as a result of decoding the classics and legends that has narrated by ancient spiritual sages. They devoted thousands of years in making out the researches and attaining the treasure of knowledge. These course materials are rare, and hence it is not available in the market.We provide the PPT to the students that we have prepared considering all the knowledge that we have derived after decoding the classics and legends thus the student gets the complete ease to learn and study through a detailed PPT prepared by us. These PPTs are sufficient with all required information.

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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