Cosmic forces in the universe control our thoughts which in turn direct our actions. Human brain is very sensitive and responds to the tremendous gravitational forces of a planet. If a person is prone to accident due to the influence of certain malefic planets, then he can be advised to check on his emotions, rash driving or behavior to avoid disastrous results. Astrology is an art which includes the study of various planets and houses of a chart. The observations suggested by an astrologer can help an individual to come out from present problem. He can foresee the causes and possible solutions of his problems. Planets readings in a chart can even warn a person of likely danger he can face in future and also suggest him to take the required precautions and remedial measures.
The Hindu system of astrology has the concept of fixed Zodiac. While in Western system of astrology the concept of moveable Zodiac is being utilized. In Indian Astrology, Ascendant or Lagna is worked out and the interpretation of horoscope is based on the Lagna. All the persons born in between 23 August to 22 Sep every year will belong to Virgo Sun Sign in Western Astrology. Particular time or place of birth is immaterial for them. Indian system of Astrology gives most accurate and true position of Zodiac at the time of birth. What are the basis and existence of Astrological Text.? And it is said this knowledge passed on from mouth to mouth and it travelled for so many years and yugas , that still people have know-how about this. No printing technology was available at that time, so how is it possible that still we have these inherited astrological text available today. Basically scripts were written in Sanskrit by our Seers and Rishis on bhojpatra which were destroyed during passage of time but at the same time these were transcript in local languages by different writers and astrologers adding their own versions, researches and experiences. How such a vast knowledge can be passed on from mouth to mouth for so many years? Some valuable manuscripts were also destroyed by the invaders knowingly.
Sun is far bigger than Moon. But due to proximity of Moon, it has direct and stronger magnetic field which affects the living beings on earth. As such, in Vedic Astrology, Moon is given more importance while in Western Astrology; Sun is the centre of considering various aspect of life.
Our great Rishi and Saints, through their ability of foresightedness, had established that the present birth is the result of our past deeds. Mrityu Lok or earth is the place where a person has to reap the results of his past karmas. Before getting salvation or Moksha, one has to take birth again and again unless the effects of his past deeds are not neutralized. Vedic astrology emphasizes on the existence of rebirth. According to Hinduism, the present life of a person is the reflection of his past deeds of his earlier life. Past or accumulated deeds (karmas) create the circumstances and existence of his present life. The connection between the present and the former life can be understood through astrology. Hence astrology is directly connected to this fundamental aspect of Hinduism. The fifth house of a horoscope reflects the accumulated karmas of the native's previous life. Sufferings due to placement of malefic planets or house in a chart are indicative of this theory.
In a horoscope, Kendras i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses, are known very important houses. These houses have special importance for a native. A planet owing two kendras loses its benefic effect. In such a case Kendradhipati Dosha is formed. This Dosha can be formed only in four ascendants namely Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. In Gemini and Virgo ascendant, Jupiter will be lord of two angular houses. Similarly, for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant, Mercury will be lord of two Kendras.
Vedic Astrology is based on Moon Sign as well as on Ascendant and its lord. Western Astrology is based on the movement of Sun in various signs. Practically, it has been experienced, that Moon being in close proximity with our earth directly governs the emotions and though process of an individual and hence his actions. So Moon based astrology is found to be more accurate so far as predictions are concerned.
Ayanamsa is defined as the angle by which the sidereal ecliptic of a celestial body is less than its tropical ecliptic longitude.
The basic objective of Astrology is to understand GOD and to set free our soul from the cycle of birth and re-birth on this material world. Another name of Vedic Astrology is “Jyotish” in Sanskrit meaning the science of light and knowledge. In Vedic Astrology all in the Universe are interlinked. Karma plays very important role in the life of person. Present destiny of a person is the result of his past deeds and this position is represented in a horoscope through the nine planets and the twelve houses.
1st, 4th, 7th, 10th are considered Kendra house of a chart. 5th and 9th house are known as Trikona houses. These six houses are very powerful houses. Trikona houses are considered to be the most fortunate places. Yogakaraka is that planet which has ruler ship over both a Kendra house as well as a Trikona house. As such any planet that holds ruler ship of both a Kendra and a Trikona house is going to have a powerful and positive effect on the life of an individual.
Ascendant or Lagna in Vedic Astrology is Rising Sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of an individual. This is considered the first house of horoscope. This sign and the planets posited in Sign indicate the personality, attitude and future events of a native. Interpretation of other houses in a chart starts with their relation with the first house. In Vedic Astrology Rashi Chart is also considered important. Here Ascendant is considered the house in which Moon is posited at the time of birth. Lagna is considered the moment when the soul and its new life come in touch with each other.
Yes, this fact has been observed. To find the solutions of their problems, they study astrology and try to find the solutions.
Birth Chart is like a snap shot of the sky at the time of birth of a native. It shows the Ascendant which is Rising Sign on Eastern Horizon of sky. The entire sky is divided into twelve houses and nine planets. These houses and planets play important role in the life of an individual.
Parivartana Yoga is said to occur when two planets interchange their positions. If the lord of ninth house is posited in tenth house and tenth house lord is present in ninth house, this creates Parivartan Yoga. This planetary combination indicates the formation of Parivartana Yoga in a chart.
Panchak is period of around five days when Moon transits five constellations of Aquarius & Pisces signs each month. These nakshtras are: • Dhanishtha (Last two parts), • Shatbhisha, • Purvabhadrapada, • Utrabhadrapada and • Revati Some auspicious activities should be avoided during this period. These include: traveling in south direction, storage of wood or Ghee etc, building house, purchasing bed and funeral of body. Death of person during panchak is considered very inauspicious. Certain rituals are performed by the Brahmins during cremation of such body to avoid recurrence of such happenings in near future.

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