Muhurata Consultation

Muhurata Consultation

Muhurata Consultation @ Rs. 2100.00

All of us want to have success in any new path we take up.It can be starting a new business,moving into a new house,buying a new car or starting a new relationship that is getting married. And to ensure that these important  journeys of one’s life go smoothly and without any hurdles  Muhurata is used. 

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Muhurata or as we generally call it the Shubh Muhurata  simply means using Astrologial calculations to deduce the best possible  or the most auspicious point of time to start a work  or ceremony.

A Muhuruta ensures the best possible planetary positions  at the commencement of the event for which Muhurata time is decided which in turn lays a positive foundation for the future.

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