Secrets of Navamsa

Secrets of Navamsa @ Rs. 12000.00

Date Of Class : 2nd July 2021

Time: 20Hrs - 22Hrs IST, Every Friday

Course Duration : 12 - 14 Sessions

Course Fee : Rs. 12000

Type Of Classes : Online

Location : Zoom Webinar

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What is Navamsa Secrets?

Navamsa astrology occupies a very crucial position in Vedic astrology. It is just as equally important as Rashi Chart. Rashi Chart provides the details about the location of various planets while Navamsa reveals about the strength and active qualities of the planets. To be effective the position of a planet must be supportive in the navamsa chart along with the rashi chart. Means only acquiring effective position in Rashi chart is not sufficient until the planet bears a very supportive position in Navamsa Chart.
Navamsa is actually a secret chart, it is simply known as D9 chart which prominently reveals the promises of marriage and information about the spouse but it secretly provides much more information about various promises of birth chart. It unlocks the unclear information of  D1 chart of the native. Navamsa chart predictions show the activation of planets and their promises. It shows the results beyond marriage assessment.

Importance of Navamsa Secrets

Navamsa chart prediction is extremely important to fully understand the birth chart. People often consider navamsa as the second most important chart after the birth chart but the fact is, both are equally important.
Navamsa secrets and its study are quite significant. It is revealed through D9 chart the ninth divisional chart of horoscope. It is very much associated with D1 chart or we can say that both are complementary to each other.
D1 reveals the materialistic purpose of the existence of the native while D9 chart reveals the promise of the fulfilment of the materialistic purpose. D9 chart shows the active quality and strength of the planet in navamsa house for the fulfilment of the promise. It shows the importance of navamsa dispositor and activation of navansa based on planets in navamsa houses. If D1 chart is a tree then D9 chart is the fruit.

How to make Navamsa Chart

Navamsa term is a conjunction of two words, ‘Navam” means nine and Amsa means ‘division’ thus Navamsa refers to ‘ninth division’. Clearly speaking it is the1/9th division of a rashi. Each rashi bears 30 degree which is divided by nine to acquire navamsa division. Thus each navamsa will have 3 degree 20 minutes. To calculate for 12 rashis we need to multiply 12 by 9 and it gives 108 navamsas. This is how navamsa is calculated. One can even find online vedic astrology d9 chart calculator that can help to derive navamsa chart online.
These days lot many software provide the platform to prepare navamsa kundli online but you can yourself calculate and prepare the vedic astrology navamsa chart. One needs to multiply the number of previous house with 9, further add the number of nakshatra Pada in the existing sign now divide it with 12. The result of the calculation will show us the Navamsa sign.  Our course ‘The secrets of Navamsa’ can make it more apparent to you with other relevant information.  

Course Content

  • Secrets of each Navamsa
  • Prediction through navamsa Kundali
  • Marriage
  • Rising sign in navamsa and impact on married life
  • Separation/Divorce 
  • Snapshot predictions using Navamsa
  • Rashi Tulya Navamsa and Navasma Tulya Rashi
  • Match Making using Navamsa
  • Second Marriage using Navamsa
  • Activation of Aries Navamsa
  • Activation of Taurus Navamsa
  • Activation of Gemini Navamsa
  • Activation of Cancer Navamsa
  • Activation of Leo Navamsa
  • Activation of Virgo Navamsa
  • Activation of Libra Navamsa
  • Activation of Scorpio Navamsa
  • Activation of Sagittarius Navamsa
  • Activation of Capricorn Navamsa
  • Activation of Aquarius Navamsa
  • Activation of Pisces Navamsa
  • Birth Time Rectification with Navamsa

Activation Years of Navamsa

Usually people believe that Navamsa chart prompts after marriage. This is actually a misconception; the fact is it starts working right from the very birth of the person. Another thing that justifies the activation of navamsa is, if a person doesn’t get married for the whole life then would the Navamsa never get activated? The evidence of activation appears at varying age and that solely depend upon position of planets in the birth chart.

Course Duration

The course is accumulated intellectually with all the necessary material that can turn you into a scholar. The Overall Course duration of the Navamsa occupies 12 to 14 sessions, where the span of each session is 2 hours.

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Course Material

Navamsa course is concerned with primeval astrology generated as a result of decoding the classics and legends that has narrated by ancient spiritual sages. They devoted thousands of years in making out the researches and attaining the treasure of knowledge. These course materials are rare, and hence it is not available in the market. We provide the PPT to the students that we have prepared considering all the knowledge that we have derived after decoding the classics and legends thus the student gets the complete ease to learn and study through a detailed PPT prepared by us. These PPTs are sufficient with all required information.

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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