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All About Shri. Naveen Bhagat

Naveen Bhagat hails from Almora, situated in the hills of Himalaya and well known for its great spiritual heritage, a city which was very dear to Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Swami Vivevakanada, Lahiri Mahasaya, Maha Avatar Baba ji, Neem Karori Baba and many other saints. Know more

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Special Learning on Vedic Astro Vastu

What is Astro Vastu? Astrology is a study of a profound voyage into the world of celestial bodies to analyze their effect over life. The position of the planets and other heavenly bodies gives a remarkable influence over the life course of a person. Though astrology course and Vastu course are inter-related to each other, few half baked ideologists have created a myth and misunderstanding to raise the ga... Know More

Predictive Nakshatra: Use Nakshatras The Way Rishis did

What is predictive Nakshatra? As per Hindu ancient Vedic astrology, the zodiac has 12 signs. Zodiac comprises millions of stars that are at light-years distant from us. Their lights reflect on us and affect us in numerous ways. The zodiac signs are subdivided into 27 constellations that are known as Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. Each Nakshatra consists of 4 parts called padas. Total Zodiacal obscure com... Know More

SarvatoBhadra Chakra

What is Sarvatobhadra chakra? Sarvatobhadra chakra is a very efficient tool used for natal as well as mundane astrology predictions. Sarvatobhadra is a conjunction of two Sanskrit words, "Sarvatah" means everyone or entire, and "Bhadra" means auspiciousness or wellness. Thus the combination of the two words specifies 'overall wellness.' This chart analyses the prediction of overall wellness. This chart o... Know More

Be a Master in Prashna Astrology

What is prashna Astrology? Prashna astrology is a very alluring branch of Vedic astrology where no birth date, birth time or birth chart is needed to provide an accurate prediction of the question of a native. Getting a birth chart is advantageous as it enhances the level of accuracy. Birth chart of a native represents the past life karmas while Prashna Kundali represents the current life karmas. Sometim... Know More

Special Class On Gulika

What is Gulika? Gulika represents a crucial position in the natal chart. Vedic astrology recognizes two non-luminous shadowy planets called Rahu and Ketu. In the same way, Gulika exists. It doesn’t represent any physical shape, appearance, and existence but plays a tricky game in the natal chart output. Gulika is known for its negative role in the natal chart and is known for its malefic character. Acc... Know More

Secrets of Navamsa

What is Navamsa Secrets? Navamsa astrology occupies a very crucial position in Vedic astrology. It is just as equally important as Rashi Chart. Rashi Chart provides the details about the location of various planets while Navamsa reveals about the strength and active qualities of the planets. To be effective the position of a planet must be supportive in the navamsa chart along with the rashi chart. Means... Know More

Learn Special Nakshatras In Horoscope

Introduction: Isn't it amazing to know that the stars and planets that are millions of kilometers away from us play a crucial role in our life? They are the real role players and manage the lives of people from that distant location. Many times it happens that despite putting extreme attempts, one remains unsuccessful while, on the other hand, one can achieve success without even bothering about it. Ther... Know More

Complete Astrology Course

Human Being is a curious creature; his curiosity draws him to understand every aspect of the universe. This curiosity is the only factor that leads the human to achieve various levels of development. Since its very existence on earth, human beings ponder about their relationship to the universe. As per Ancient Indian Mythology, the celestial bodies of the universe that include stars, planets, constellations... Know More

Vedic Astrology Course in Delhi

Astrology is as ancient as human history. From time to time great sages have shared insights about the cosmos. Astrology is gift to mankind by vedic seers of highest order and there are learners of astrology around the globe. It requires a very systematic study and great patience to learn the cosmos and its effect on mortal world and human beings. Astrology is a study of time, space and heavenly objects.... Know More

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