Be a Master in Prashna Astrology

Be a Master in Prashna Astrology Coming Soon

Starting Date :  12th September 2020 

Course Duration : 12 Sessions + 1 Q & A

Session Timing : 9 to 11 Hrs IST

Course Fee : Rs. 15000

Type Of Classes : Online

Location : Zoom Webinar

What is prashna Astrology?

Prashna astrology is a very alluring branch of Vedic astrology where no birth date, birth time or birth chart is needed to provide an accurate prediction of the question of a native. Getting a birth chart is advantageous as it enhances the level of accuracy. Birth chart of a native represents the past life karmas while Prashna Kundali represents the current life karmas. Sometimes the birth chart doesn't seem sufficient to make some predictions in such case prashna chart can work like a magic potion. Sometimes birth chart indicates a multitude of events in such case Prashna kundali helps to narrow down the options. Here the astrologer prepares a Prashna kundali based on the exact timing of the moment when the ascendant has asked the question. The moment of asking the question is very crucial. Prashna Jyotish also known as horary astrology, provides accurate predictions when the native put the query with full faith over the predictive skills of astrologer. In clear words, we can say that the native must keep the question with sincerity rather than trying to test the knowledge of the astrologer. Prashna astrology is useful for predicting the answer of a particular query. The number of questions must not be more than five. The thing to be noticed over here is that the accuracy level decreases as the number of questions increases; hence a native should limit to one or two queries to get the accurate prediction. Prashna Astrology is beneficial to find out any valuable missing object or a person.

About Prashna Astrology course

Prashna and Horary course elucidates what Prashna is and how it works describes the importance and basic standards for determining a valid Prashna. It explains the principles for conducting a successful online Prashna reading and develops the ability to interpret an online Prashna kundali. Our Prashna Astrology course provides knowledge to establish a prashna chart based on the timing of the question and analyse the existing planets of the Kundali in various houses and their impact. Prashna is an ancient knowledge that we found from an old classic Prashna Marg. Our Prashna Astrology online course is a perfect decoded version of the classic of Prashna Marg. It provides detailed knowledge of prashna kundali, its relation with birth chart, impacts of yogas and their role in the prashna chart. One can make predictions on the cancellation of yogas as well. The course also elucidates the interaction between Prashna Kundali and Navamsa, zodiacs, moon and various houses so that one can make a perfect prediction for the question of the native. Thus one can draw a prashna kundali for marriage, children, health or wealth-related predictions and predictions for any lost object or person.

Course Content
  1. Significance of Prashna timing

  2. Preparation of prashna kundali based on prashna timing

  3. Importance of houses and zodiacs in Prashna Kundali

  4. Significance and role of the moon in Prashna Kundali

  5. Conceal Yogas in the prashna and yoga bhanga

  6. Connection between prashna kundali and Navamsa

  7. Understanding the concept of timing of events using prashna kundali

  8. Concept of sakun/Nimmita

  9. Prediction of marriage, job, career, health, wealth and other things through prashna Kundali

Course Duration

The course is assembled rationally in such a manner that it provides the best extract of Prashna astrology course. The Overall Course duration of the Prashna astrology, is divided into 12 sessions, where the span of each session is 2 hours.

Some related course that one should do along with this course

Once you master the Prashna Astrology, you would be eligible to pursue Nakshatra Prashna. Nakshatra Prashna is one of the most advance courses of astrology that provides a vast treasure of knowledge to a person to become a scholar astrologist.

Course material

Prashna Astrology course is a sophisticated branch of Vedic astrology that requires high calculative skills. Study material exists from the codified classic of Prashna Marga. thus complete study material is not available in the market as the document requires a lot of research to decode the classics. We have done all the necessary studies and developed the compiled format of the study material in the form of PPT. We provide the PPT to the students that we have made considering all the knowledge through intense research; thus, the student gets the complete ease to learn and study through a detailed PPT prepared by us. These PPTs are sufficient with all required information.

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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