Learn Special Nakshatras In Horoscope

Learn Special Nakshatras In Horoscope Coming Soon

Date Of Class : 19th November 2020

Course Duration : 11 Sessions (Each Session will be of 2 hrs)

Course Fee : 10000 INR

Type Of Classes : Online

Location : Zoom Webinar

Time : 20:00 to 22:00 Hrs IST


Isn't it amazing to know that the stars and planets that are millions of kilometers away from us play a crucial role in our life? They are the real role players and manage the lives of people from that distant location. Many times it happens that despite putting extreme attempts, one remains unsuccessful while, on the other hand, one can achieve success without even bothering about it. There are numerous huge, but seemingly tiny celestial bodies, including planets, stars, and constellations playing hide and seek in the universe are giving impacts over our lives. Among these heavenly bodies are Nakshatras, since ancient time, the study of Nakshatras are considered as very crucial to understand the pinpoints of the birth chart. Special Nakshatra course is one of the intensive streams of astrology that enhances the core and in-depth knowledge of astrology and provides the insight to make accurate predictions.

 About special Nakshatra course:

Special Nakshatra course is a unique course that provides staggering opportunities to study the deepest secrets of Vedic Astrology. It is a piece of powerful knowledge to develop a profound vision to explore the deepest aspects of astrological charts. It gives a scenario of the true-nature and path of the native. 

Every person possesses eleven special Nakshatras in their birth chart. They are Janma Nakshatra, Karma Nakshatra, Samudayika Nakshatra, Jaato Nakshatra, Desa Nakshatra, Aadhana Nakshatra, Maanasa Nakshatra, Sanghatika Nakshatra, Naidhana Nakshatra, Abhisheka Nakshatra, and Vainasika Nakshatra. The role they play depends on their activations. Once they are activated, they play a crucial role in the life of a person. These eleven Nakshatras can reveal the soul’s destiny of the native.

Importance of Special Nakshatra Course:

If you wish to develop a career as Astrologer, then it is very crucial to get familiar with every aspect of astrology. Astrology is a vast and in-depth study. It seems to be an ocean of knowledge where you need to dive at immeasurable-depth to explore complete proficiency. Special Nakshatra course enhances the vision of an astrologer and develops extraordinary insight to make accurate predictions. This course is an advanced level course that provides a profound knowledge and elaborated-vision to grab the minute points from the native’s chart.

Course Content:

  1. Janma Nakshatra
  2. Karma Nakshatra
  3. Samudayika Nakshatra
  4. Jaati Nakshatra
  5. Desa Nakshatra
  6. Aadhana Nakshatra
  7. Maanasa Nakshatra
  8. Sanghatika Nakshatra
  9. Naidhana Nakshatra
  10. Abhisheka Nakshatra
  11. Vainasika Nakshatra


Course Duration – The overall course is complied with to get covered in 11 sessions. The duration of each session comprises of 2 hours.


Course Material – As already discussed, this course is unique, and hardly you can find any relevant course material over the net or in the market. These are the courses that exist in the coded form, and not all can decode them. It needs immense study, research, and analysis to decipher the course material. With the profound knowledge of our faculties and devoted reacher work, we have already decoded the course. To provide ease to you, we provide the course material to the students through emails.

Course Highlights
1 Detailed course material emailed to all participants on a weekly basis
2 Recorded sessions will be made available to all participants if you miss or even if you do not miss a session.
3. New Researches and Methods On Nakshatra for Research Students

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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