Complete Chart Reading

Complete Chart Reading

Complete Chart Reading @ Rs. 7100.00

As the name suggests this service is the most detailed service as it covers all aspects of a horoscope. So basically one can say that this consultation covers Career Consultation, Marriage Consultation and Medical Astrology much more. We analyze different aspects of your birth chart, Kundli studying the influences of different planetary positions.

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In Complete Chart Reading different Astrological Padhatis  or methods are used to analyse  the chart so that a comprehensive analysis can be provided.

The consultation starts with the broad analysis of all the twelve houses thereby covering all the life facets connected with each house of the horoscope. Then the analysis of main divisional charts is done.

The basic promise of horoscope in relation to each aspect of the life is discussed.For example what is the promise of the horoscope regarding kids,education,health,marriage etc. Here Yoga’s play a major role in analysis. Also any question from the client related to his/her horoscope is answered.

The above mentioned analysis is done keeping in mind the next five to seven years of the individual’s life.

Remedies are suggested if it seems necessary according to the astrologer.

Astrology is one facet of ancient Indian Science that helps individuals win over things and even provides resolution for varied issues. However keep in mind, only consultants with thorough information of astrology will give effective solutions!

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