Special Class On Gulika

Special Class On Gulika Coming Soon

Date Of Class : 2nd Dec 2020 

Course Duration : 12 Sessions

Course Fee : 12000

Type Of Classes : Offline

Location : Zoom

What is Gulika?

Gulika represents a crucial position in the natal chart. Vedic astrology recognizes two non-luminous shadowy planets called Rahu and Ketu. In the same way, Gulika exists. It doesn’t represent any physical shape, appearance, and existence but plays a tricky game in the natal chart output. Gulika is known for its negative role in the natal chart and is known for its malefic character. According to Puranas, Gulika is a minor planet or a sub-planet, but its status is very independent. It is the offspring of Manda or the son of Saturn. It acquires the topmost position among all malefic entities concerned with the natal chart.  

Importance of Gulika in Astrology

This course is highly advanced in astrology. The study of Gulika is quite essential in astrology, though very few intellectuals are efficient in recognizing and predicting its effects. It exists due to the result of past life curses, and one needs to bear it. Gulik Lagna is sufficient in itself to provide all predictions about native’s life while Gulika Dasha determines the Dashas that could be more troublesome for the native. Due to its malefic nature, it usually shows the troubled phase of life. Often, astrologers consider Rahu or Shani as most malefic planets, but when it comes to Gulika, despite being a sub-planet, it outperforms all malefic planets.  

Course Content

  • Effect of Gulika in various houses
  • Calculation of Gulika
  • Gulika and natural karka
  • Gulika and yogas
  • Gulika Lagna
  • Gulika in special lagnas
  • Position of Gulika
  • Gulika and Longevity
  • Gulika and progeny
  • Gulika and Marriage
  • Gulika and Career
  • Gulika Dasa


Course Duration

The Gulika course is a short but very crucial course in Vedic astrology. This course carries all the relevant information that you must know to become a professional astrologist and understand the effect of this malefic entity with the natural karaka. The overall course duration of Gulika occupies 12 sessions, where the span of each session is 2 hours.  
Course Material – The course material of the Gulika course is generated with prehistoric astrology by decoding the Puranas that have prepared eras back. They carry the extraction of knowledge on intellectual sages. These course materials are rare, and hence it is not available in the market.
We provide the PPT to the students that we have prepared considering all the knowledge that we have derived after decoding the classics and legends; thus, the student gets the complete ease to learn and study through a detailed PPT prepared by us. These PPTs are sufficient with all required information.

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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