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Course Duration : 14 Sessions + 1 Q & A

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Location : Zoom Webinar

What is Sarvatobhadra chakra?

Sarvatobhadra chakra is a very efficient tool used for natal as well as mundane astrology predictions. Sarvatobhadra is a conjunction of two Sanskrit words, "Sarvatah" means everyone or entire, and "Bhadra" means auspiciousness or wellness. Thus the combination of the two words specifies 'overall wellness.' This chart analyses the prediction of overall wellness. This chart or chakra uses the nakshatras to draw the minute prediction, making a microscopic study of the pros and cons of any native's act. It is one of the most ancient methods of prediction, as it considers Abhijit Nakshatra. Abhijit Nakshatra is not in consideration under other modern or later developed methods of predictions.   


Importance of Sarvastobhadra chakra

Sarvatobhadra chakra is an extremely advanced course of astrology. It is an essential chakra or chart to make predictions about the native. The study of the Sarvato Bhadra chakra along with natal chart can help make predictions related to finance, share market, business, name of a business, name of the children, and even predict the initial of the native's spouse name. In a broad view, it can make predictions not only on the individual but also on national levels. One can make an accurate prediction about the war, political issues, result of the election, agricultural productivity, success of the business, and many more. It is also applicable to determine the timings of rain and its quantum. Sarvatobhadra chakra determines the auspicious muhuratas to enhance the certainty of success and pleasure. 

This chart helps determine the predictions by studying the effect of the transit planet based on six primary personal identifiers: Ascendant sign, moon sign, janma Nakshatra, Anka value, day of the week on which native took birth and lunar phase. These personal identifiers are the reason to make each individual a unique one. Combining all this information with the planetary transit indicates the beneficial and challenging period in the native's life. 


How to make Sarvatobhadra mandal chart

To prepare the Sarvatobhadra mandal chart, one must draw a tabular diagram consists of 9*9 that is 81 square boxes. The outermost boxes of the table leaving the four corners depict the 28 nakshatras, including the Abhijit nakshatra. The four corners are allotted to four vowels; the place of other vowels and consonants is reserved in the 2 layers of the boxes where the vowels stick with the corners. The next inner layer shows the position of zodiacs followed by the lunar day. Overall, the chakra contains all 28 nakshatras, 12 zodiac signs, seven tithis, 16 vowels, and 20 consonants. 

It seems to be challenging to prepare the Sarvato Bhadra chakra, but once you study the course, you will be handy to develop the sarvatobhadra chakra and make predictions with it. 


Course content


Preparation of Sarvatobhadra Chakra
Making prediction based on SArvatobhadra chakra 
Concept of Vedhas 
Graha Latta and Nakshatras Aspects 
Varnadi Panchak and use in predictions
Use of Special Nakshatras
Use of Sarvatobhadra in Prashna Astrology
Use of Sarvatobhadra in Muhurata
Use of Sarvatobhadra in the naming of business/children etc.
Use of Sarvatobhadra in Transit
Use of Sarvatobhadra in share market
Graha Latta
Upa Graha of Sun
Mundane Astrology using Sarvatobhadra and Kurma chakra  


Course Material - Sarvatobhadra Chakra 

The course is concerned with most primitive astrology. Inclusion of Abhijit Nakshatra is evidence for it being very ancient. It is quite rare to find out the course material of such a sacred study. We provide the PPT to the students that we have prepared considering all the knowledge that we have derived after decoding the ancient Puranas ; thus, the student gets the complete ease to learn and study through a detailed PPT prepared by us. These PPTs are sufficient with all required information.

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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