Career and Business Horoscope Consultation

Career and Business Horoscope Consultation

Career and Business Horoscope Consultation @ Rs. 3100.00

Career Astrology consultation is most popular among parents to know the field in which their children can excel. Getting correct guidance for career horoscope is most important in this era of competition and vast opportunities. Horoscope or Kundali reading for career emphasises on the strength of various planets in a horoscope and accordingly guides a native to choose job or business as a profession in this modern age.

The NB Astro provides online career and business astrology consultation, which includes the type of career one should choose, ups and downs in career or business and amount of success in life. A birth chart is enough to understand the potential and it also reveals what skills a native is lacking so that it could be rectified with available resources.

Know Why Career and Business Horoscope is Essential

Every person’s livelihood depends on his career or business and growth in the same. With the help of Vedic Astrology, we can determine best possible career or business field for a native. Success in a career or business also depends on dasa and transit so we take care while determining career that the career should be one which is supported by major dasa in life.

Using the rare and unknown method of KARMA NAKSHATRA we determine the best suited career or business and the amount of success also. We also use some rare chakra methods like Sarvatobhadra Chakra to assist you best.

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Some general questions covered in the Career or Business consultation astrology

  • Job or Business?
    • It is my experience of years of doing consultations that everyone asks about the prospect of business in his/her horoscope. This question is answered with all necessary details.
  • Government or private job?
    • This is the most asked question by job seekers. Some people are destined to work with government and others have their fortune awaiting in private sectors. It is a matter of few planetary promises that can be answered.
  • Success in business or promotion in Job?
    • Success in any endeavour depends on dasa a native is running it is applicable to all; people having good horoscopes for business and people in job. Good and bad both time periods will be covered in consultation.
  • Name of business
    • Name of business is extremely important to get optimum divine blessings. Using SarvatoBhadra Chakra a best suitable letter is suggested to name the business. 
  • Business in Partnership or not?
    • Many people want to do business in partnership but sometimes it ended in disputes or litigation, so it is always better to ensure that partnership is suited to you or not. We help you to decide that and even help you with the name also with whom you should not enter partnership.
  • Job in foreign land?
    • Some people get chance to go to a foreign land for job and it can be answered with the horoscope because some people have their Bhagyodaya (rise in fortune) in foreign land.
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