Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification @ Rs. 11000.00

Birth time Rectification is one of the most difficult services to offer.It is one of the special services of NB Astro that helps you to know your precise birth time. Not many of us are lucky enough to possess their correct birth time recorded accurately up to the minute. If one know the approximate time of their birth or a time window of say one hour during which they were born,then  to know about their  precise birth time this service is perfect.

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Rectification technique utilized by our knowledgeable astrologer is conferred here. The most important events of one’s life are taken then matched with the horoscope made on the birth details provided by the native.

The whole horoscope is analyzed and if the events don't match then the time is adjusted to make the horoscope that matches with the events of life. To conduct Birth Time rectification, you wish to know a minimum of the date of some major life events. We tend to need important life events that might have brought positive or negative effects in your life as these events are a useful tool into preparation of this report.

Normally based on a horoscope an astrologer predicts a couple of person’s nature, health, inclinations, priorities, career, family life, major incidents etc. However, in birth time rectification method the reverse is true. That is gathering data regarding the native and matching the important incidents the astrologer rectifies the birth time with the maximum amount as accuracy possible. Though it sounds very straightforward for the readers however in practice, it's not as straightforward because it seems to be. This birth time rectification calculation is feasible to achieve with the best accuracy by solely experienced astrologers. In our organization, NB Astro, the astrologer Naveen Bhagat is practicing this technique since years.

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