Astro Vastu Consultation

Astro Vastu Consultation

Astro Vastu Consultation @ Rs. 15000.00

A home is a valuable quality that gives a way of security to the folks that board it. it's not simply a structure of bricks and cement but an area where one lives with his/her emotions and dreams. There square measure folks that work day in and trip to make the house of their dreams. The importance of Vastu will ne'er be unnoticed as a result of it plays a really crucial role in impacting one’s life.

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it's an ancient science of design that carefully studies the energies surrounding us and its impact on our lives. so as to make sure happiness and prosperity, it's vital to make sure that a home is created following the rules of Vastu. Generally for a Vastu consultation,the Vastu expert visits the site to do his analysis and suggest changes in the home/property.

Astro Vastu is a new way of Vastu consultation based on the horoscopes of the people living in the house.For this consultation the horoscopes of all the family members living in the house are analysed on the basis of which a a Vastu plan is designed.

In Astro Vastu consultation the most important horoscope is of the Head of the Family and according to his/her horoscope the Vastu of the house if primarily planned.

The consultation may suggest changes in the placement of objects in the home wherever necessary.

It may also suggest changing the physical structure of house if required,if the changes somehow are not possible then remedies are suggested to counteract the negative effects.

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