Medical/Health Consultation

Medical/Health Consultation

Medical/Health Consultation @ Rs. 3100.00

There is an in deep relationship in between zodiac signs, future, past and present of humans. Since health is an essential facet of human life; it's no surprise that health is related to astrology. This idea led to the birth of Medical astrology. The foundation of Medical and Health astrology dates back to centuries.

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Medical astrology, a section of Vedic astrology, needs a comprehensive knowledge of each astrology furthermore as medication. Principally, every of the astrological sign is related to one specific a part of the build. In fact, the plants furthermore are somehow associated with one or the opposite astronomical planet. This can be the explanation why an assortment of old herbs was used to treat a selected variety of disorder or unwellness. Medical astrology could be a field of science that could be a fusion of astronomy, human physiology and herbs. These combos heal the ailing person by predicting the anticipated unhealthiness and possible remedy.

  • Should I face any health issue in coming years?
  • Will the illness be short term or long term ?
  • What will be my medical condition?
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