Prashna Consultation

Prashna Consultation

Prashna Consultation @ Rs. 2100.00

Prashna literally means, in modern usage, “question, query, inquiry”. When a question is placed we tend to draw up a chart of that particular moment. The chart holds all the answers to the question of that moment . The Prashna session doesn't need any birth details of the querent. However, the queries have to be specific. Ambiguous queries cloud the Prashna and also the answers therefore received don't seem to be clear or satisfactory. Since, these queries are specific, the time of consultation is additionally short.

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The shopper will hints queries like-

  • What ought to be done to make sure higher health of the patient?
  • Where am i able to realize my lost object?
  • How would my call to travel to court with my deceitful partner work out?
  • Do I stand a much better likelihood in my new job?
  • Will i buy a promotion?
  • Will I gain cash through this deal?
  • Will I actually have a baby?
  • What are the results of this litigation that i'm facing with my property?
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