Complete Astrology Course

Complete Astrology Course Coming Soon

Date Of Class : Starting from 3rd Jan 2021 

Timing : 9 - 11 Hrs IST

Course Duration : 3 Years

Course Fee : 4,000 INR per month

Type Of Classes : Online

Location : Zoom

Human Being is a curious creature; his curiosity draws him to understand every aspect of the universe. This curiosity is the only factor that leads the human to achieve various levels of development. Since its very existence on earth, human beings ponder about their relationship to the universe. As per Ancient Indian Mythology, the celestial bodies of the universe that include stars, planets, constellations and their position and movements are closely related to the life of every person. It further turned out into a separate stream of science known as astrology. It includes the study of time, space, and heavenly bodies. These studies are fully correlated to the incidences of human life. That is the reason why every individual wishes to talk to astrologers to get future predictions.

An astrologer must possess in-depth knowledge of the whole stream, but it depicts a wide array of sub-divided branches, and the depth is as deep as an ocean that one could not easily explore. Through our online astrology course, one can learn astrology online and understand the cosmic changes and their effect on every aspect of life. But it needs immense patience and deep concentration to understand astrology that covers the study of time, space, and heavenly objects. 

As per the words of Dev Guru Brihaspati that he spoke to Lord Indra –

ग्रहाधीनं जगत्सर्वं ग्रहाधीनाः नरावराः

कालज्ञानं ग्रहाधीनं ग्रहाः कर्मफलप्रदाः

 “Grahadheenam Jagatsarvam Grahadheenah Naravarah

Kaalgyanam Grahadheenam Grahah Karmaphalapradah”

                                                                                    - Brihaspati Samhita (1.6)

Interconnection between Astronomy and Astrology

Astrology and Astronomy share a common history, and the terms are used indistinguishably from an early age. Both involve the study of stars and planets. The two words were separated gradually by the end of the renaissance (16th -17th century). These were the years when scientific studies became rigorous and showed the two as separate disciplines. Astronomy represents the scientific study of space, while astrology is a range of spiritual beliefs related to the metaphysical relationship between heavenly bodies in the cosmos and human life on Earth. The facts revealed from all the studies are, astronomy is the foundation upon which astrology operates. Our online Jyotish course that covers many basic and advanced level astrology certificate courses provides a detailed understanding of the interconnection between astronomy and astrology. 

About Online Astrology Course 

Our astrology certification online course is a vast and in-depth course of Vedic astrology. It offers to learn astrology online and covers everything that comes under astrology from

Basic to Advance level. This astrology course in distance education is offered by NB Astro that includes the best astrology courses for beginners as well as the ones who already have studied the basics of astrology. This Vedic astrology course is a full-fledged knowledge of astrology that compiled up nearly all basic and advanced level professional astrology courses that one should study to become a scholar astrologer. The duration of the complete course is three years, and we have prepared a structured format of various sub-divided topics to be covered each year. It includes-

  1st year

First-year is the very initiation of the Vedic Astrology course that involves very generalized themes that could be considered as the ABC of astrology. Those who have already studied these topics or achieved a diploma in astrology in any of the courses will get a chance to revise and confirm their potential. The themes that we cover during the first year are –

Panchanga – Panchang, also known as ‘panchagam’ is a Sanskrit term given to the traditional Hindu calendar and almanac. It represents conventional units of Hindu timekeeping that are Rahu Kaal and Yama Gandam. It presents important dates and their calculations in tabular form. The term panchanga is a combination of two separate words ‘Panch’ and ‘anga’ that means five and limbs consecutively. Thus, it represents the five elements of the day that include Vara (day), Titihi (Lunar day), Nakshatra (Star), Yoga, and Karan.

Panchanga gives useful astrological information needed by Vedic astrologers to elect a suitable day for auspicious events. It is the basic unit required to draw a birth chart of a native. Alongside this, it reveals the unfavorable day and time for events so that one can avoid doing it. It is used to match the current position of stars and planets with the stars and planets of the birth chart of natives to generate auspicious and bad times. It is to synchronize the righteous time with the action for any auspicious event. It gives the details about the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, Lagna, waxing and waning phase of the moon, etc. Panchanga is the most common astrological tool but is very crucial as well. Its knowledge is mandatory even for beginners. 

Houses and Signs – When you go through the birth chart, the very first term that you come across is 'House'. Houses in astrology are believed to bring the action of heaven down to earth. If the astrologer wishes to unleash the astrological power to answer the real-world question, one must understand the concept of 12 houses. The natal chart has 12 parts, and each part represents a house, and each house represents a separate segment of life. It captures from native physical appearance and behavior to health to achievements to relationships and all in between that. As per astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, starting from Aries to Pisces. Each house possesses its natural planetary ruler and zodiac sign. Depending upon the position of the houses and planets in the natal chart, each individual depicts different qualities and lifestyles. 

Planets – All planets in the solar systems revolve around the sun in its orbit. It is the elementary information one has about planets. But they govern a lot more than that. Planets reveal a direct impact on our lives. The human body is made up of five elements that are present in the universe. Thus, everything that takes place in the universe shows an effect on us. Every moving object in the universe is connected. As we are a part of the earth, and we have an energy circle aligned with the energy circle of the earth, we get an effect by every planetary movement in the universe. Each planet radiates some energy while moving through the zodiac pie. Some planets known as inner planets move faster than others and offer a personal and rapid impact on lives, while the outer and slow-moving planets give a more profound and long-lasting influence on us.

Planetary Effects on 12 houses and Signs – This topic depicts the importance of the study of the above mentioned two topics. We know that all elements of the universe are interconnected. So do the planets and the houses. Each house possesses its zodiac ruler, but the position of the ruler may vary from its own house and can be placed at any other house. Planet positioned in a particular house enhances the result of that house or can even work adversely. It all works based on the law of Karma. One needs to reap

all that he has sown in every past birth and the current birth. 

Yoga and Yoga Bhanga – Yoga is a Sanskrit term that means addition or union, and it forms when a planet or sign gets connected with another planet or sign either by placement or conjunction. Vedic astrology bears a gigantic packet of yoga that carries hundreds of yogas. Some of them are benefic and support one to turn out as glorified while others are malefic that can convert one's life like hell. And what to say about yoga bhanga! It can powerfully cancel the effect of good yoga. 

Astrology in Puranas – We are lucky enough to have Vedas and Puranas as the knowledge bank with us. The Puranas were written by scholar sages or even Gods. Though they are in coded form, fortunately, intellectual astrologers have the skills to decode them. The Puranas possess deep astrological information and facts. It also owns stories and legends that unfold various aspects of astrology. Under this topic, we will uncover the study of the connection between that astrology and various Puranas.

  2nd year

Once a disciple thoroughly studies the above-mentioned topics, he/she becomes a bit familiar with the basic knowledge of astrology. Now, it is time to upgrade the level of astrological knowledge to enhance efficiency for making predictions. Though, these topics do not help you to turn out to be a highly skilled astrologer. But for sure, you will become an astrologer. Following are the topics that our online astrology course covers during the second year of this course -

Vimshottari Dasha – Astrology possesses many kinds of Dasha system, but Vimshottari Dasha is the most accurately logical to predict the timing of any event in a native’s life. As per Vimshottari Dasha, all nine planets are allotted within a specific period. The complete cycle consists of 120 years which is considered as average human life according to Vimshottari Dasha. Although the average probable age of a human is reduced to 50-60 years. This is the reason a person is unable to experience the effect of all maha Dasha in his life span. Thus, to ease the calculations of mahaDasha,it is divided into sub dashas known as Anterdasha and sub-sub dashas known as Pratyantar Dashas. Its calculation is based upon the Nakshatra in which the moon is placed at the time of the birth of the native. Any of the Dasha can be good or bad for the native depending on the various planetary positions in his chart.

Understanding Vimshottari Dasha is very crucial to draw any predictions related to the past, present, or future of the native.Hence a detailed knowledge is exceptionally required. Our course offers detailed information related to the calculation of Vimshottari Dasha.              

Transit – The meaning of the term transit seems to represent the movement of any planet but, in terms of astrology, it means a lot more specific than what we know. As per astrology, it means the motion of planets across your natal chart. Planets, when changing their positions, they form angles to each other. Astrologers make forecasts based on these angles. Forecasting based on transit can be done either to prepare a native’s chart or to analyze the effect of transit in general astrological weather.

A thorough study of this topic can help you to make a forecast by considering and analyzing the transit of planets.

Varshaphala- The term varshaphala is a conjunction of two words ‘Varsha’ and ‘Phala’ which means annual horoscopy in the context of Vedic astrology. The curious nature of human beings compels him to know how life will pan out in the upcoming year in terms of health, wealth, career, marriage, achievements, and many more aspects.

The solar year is the base to draw a Varshphala. For a native, the solar year begins every time the sun prevails at the same longitude as it had during the native’s birth time. This return of the sun in the same longitude is termed as Varsha Pravesh, which happens every 365 days, 6 hours, nine minutes, and approximately ten seconds.

Varshphal chart preparation is one step further to prepare a birth chart where you predict for the year ahead. Varshphal prediction and preparation of charts are a bit complicated and it carries a lot of calculations and exploration of various aspects. At NB

astrology classes online, we explain the details of all calculations and exploration needed to draw the Varshaphala.

Timing of Event- The natal chart of every native indicates promises innate in a horoscopic chart due to the positions of the planets. These promises show result in the form of events in native's life like marriage, recruitment, childbirth, etc. The timing of fructification of these promises depends upon the dashas and transit of planets. Only a learned astrologer who is very acquainted with the facts of yogas, dashas, planets, transits and their impacts over the life of natives can forecast the timing of events.    

Insights Into Classical Texts- Astrology is an ancient study. It has been deep-rooted eras back and is a result of in-depth investigation, analysis, and research done by renowned, highly skilled, and proficient sages. Astrology is a blessing for man-kind that provides us a chance to recover from any future loss or trouble.

This topic of our curriculum covers the diligent facts that we get from the classical texts. These classical texts are a treasure of knowledge that open all the blockages and obstacles towards the bliss of consciousness. It opens up the doors toward the cognegence by describing the various basic rules of Vedic astrology. Under this topic, at our astrology classes online, we will explore numerous example charts to polish your knowledge with comprehensive concepts.

  3rd year

Here we step up towards the advanced courses of astrology. After acquiring profound knowledge in these topics you will turn out to be a proficient astrologer. The topics we cover during the third year are-

Prashna – Prashan Astrology is an immensely astonishing level of astrology that works beyond the birth chart. Though referring to a birth chart can enhance the level of accuracy in foretelling, it works pretty well without a birth chart. The predictions are made based on a chart that the astrologer draws based upon the time at which the native has shot the question. Prashna Astrology is a highly advanced Vedic astrology course that involves the preparation of a separate chart known as the Prashna chart. Preparation of this prashna chart is a very crucial part of this stream of astrology. At NB Astro Vedic astrology online course, we teach comprehensive skills to prepare the prashna chart and provide accurate forecasting drawn with the help of prashna charts.  

Predictive use of Nakshatra – Stars are the source of light in our vicinity that affects us. These stars are part of the Zodiac belt. As there are 12 zodiac signs, there are 27 Nakshatra constellations. Among the total Zodiacal eclipse of 360 degrees. Each zodiac represents 30 degrees while each Nakshatra represents merely 13 degrees and 20 minutes that makes Nakshatra more accurate and precise for prediction. Making predictions based on Nakshatras considers every pinpoint to draw the highest level of accuracy. Using Predictive Nakshatra helps astrologers to analyze the purpose of a native's life and various other aspects of life.

It is the knowledge of Predictive Nakshatras that makes an astrologer a highly efficient one whose accuracy of predictions matches with the real truth.  

Timing of Events - We have already discussed the timing of events in the 2nd year curriculum. Repeating the topic in the 3rd year does not mean that it is repeated in the curriculum. Here we learn astrology online to analyze the timing of events more accurately as we consider Nakshatras for the prediction. Consideration of Nakshatras gives a clearer understanding of planets, houses, and signs and their connection to create the time of the event.

Muhurat – As per Vedic astrology, every event is pre-decided. But considering the auspicious timing for the event is vital to get the intended outcome. Before initiating any action, we always bother about the successful completion of the task. To assure a successful result, one tries to get the Muhurat consultation from a reputed astrologer. Muhurat is the very auspicious and favorable timing to initiate any task that helps one to manage the actions in a hassle-free manner. An astrologer can make a perfect forecast for Muhurat only when he is well-versed with the knowledge of all the above-described themes. 

BonusTechniques: Predictions based on activation of signs, planets, nakshatras and divisional charts. Predictions on blank charts with lagna only and much more. 

Course Duration – As we have already discussed, the duration of this course is Three Years.

Fee - Fee is 4,000 INR per month and it should be paid on or before 5th of every month. Students will get a payment link every month to make the payment. 

Course Material – The online astrology course is a vast course that captures nearly all crucial and relevant topics that come under astrology. It includes the basic as well as advanced topics of best astrology courses. Much of the text is hard to find in the market, and if you find some text, then there is no surety of it being authentic. But with NB Astro, you need not worry about it. We provide the PPT of the complete course to each student in very understandable language. One can comfortably study and understand through those PPTs and can keep them for future references.

Certification – After successful completion of the Astrology certification online course, a certificate will be awarded to each student.

Discussion – Once the astrology course gets completed, a group discussion will be organized based on various classical texts. Such an exchange of dialogues will help the students to enhance and ensure their knowledge about the classical texts, and help them to gain confidence.  


Q. Who is eligible for the course?

Ans: As the course covers all basic level astrological topics, any newbie can also join it to learn the basics of astrology. Further, it covers advanced courses as well. Hence, those who have already done the basic course can also join to learn the advanced level courses.

Q. Would it be an online course or could be online as well?

Ans: Currently, as per the circumstance created by COVID-19 we are offering only online courses, but later we will offer offline classes as well.

Q. What would be the duration of the course?

Ans: The duration of the course is three years.

Q. Do I get the certificate after completion of the course?

Ans: Yes, NB Astro will provide the certificate to every student after successful completion of the course.

Q. Shall I get the video recordings of the class?

Ans: Yes, we will provide the video recording of each online class to every student.

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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