Vedic Astrology Course in Delhi

Vedic Astrology Course in Delhi Coming Soon

Date Of Class : Starting soon.

Course Duration : 3 Years

Course Fee : Rs 3000 Per Month

Astrology is as ancient as human history. From time to time great sages have shared insights about the cosmos. Astrology is gift to mankind by vedic seers of highest order and there are learners of astrology around the globe.

It requires a very systematic study and great patience to learn the cosmos and its effect on mortal world and human beings. Astrology is a study of time, space and heavenly objects.

Dev Guru Brihaspati says to Indra :

ग्रहाधीनं जगत्सर्वं ग्रहाधीनाः नरावराः

कालज्ञानं ग्रहाधीनं ग्रहाः कर्मफलप्रदाः

 “Grahadheenam Jagatsarvam Grahadheenah Naravarah

Kaalgyanam Grahadheenam Grahah Karmaphalapradah”

- Brihaspati Samhita (1.6)

Whole universe is under the influence of planets. All beings are also under planetary influence. Knowledge of time is also subject of planets and only planets deliver results of deeds.

This shows the importance of astrology upto a minute level. Astrology is the subject to understand the time and circumstances a person has gone, is going and will go through.

Astrology is also study of Karma and their results done by native in all past lives and in this life. Astrology is not a subject of fortune telling but the only subject which deals with the understanding of cosmos and effect of cosmos in our life.

NB Astro offers a systematic learning of Vedic astrology course in Delhi by astrologer Naveen Bhagat. The course is offered Online as well.

3 Years Vedic Astrology Course in Delhi Content in Nutshell :




Houses and Signs



Predicitive use of Nakshatra

Planetary effects on 12 houses and signs

Timing of Events

Yoga and Yoga Bhanga

Astrology in Puranas

Vimshottari Dasa

Insights into classic texts


Muturata and much more


Topics to be covered in the 1st Year :

  • Panchanga – Panchanga is the first and most important concept of vedic astrology. It is the foundation of a birth chart and decides major auspicious and inauspicious matters in a nativity.

  • Houses and Signs – Astrology is all about understanding 12 zodiac signs and houses. This is the core of prediction on a birth chart. Detailed study of houses and signs brings great insights into universe and human life.

  • Planets – Planets are the embodied beings who promise or deny things in life. Planets are energy bearer of various nature and help us to understand cosmos in greater sense and its impact on native.

  • Planetary effects on 12 houses and signs – Study of planetary behavior enables us to see a native’s past, present and future lives. This study is to make us understand Karma in a greater detail.

  • Yoga and Yoga Bhanga – Yoga and Yoga Bhanga are the key to understand promises in a birth chart.

  • Astrology in Puranas – Astrology is called eye of Vedas and there are many legendary stories in Purana to understand planetary behavior.


Topics to be covered in the 2nd Year :

  • Vimshottari Dasa – The dasa is known to be one of the best dasa to predict events. It will be taught in great detail.

  • Transit - Dasa results are incomplete without relative transit. Transit chart shows when an event will happen.

  • Varshaphala - This is a method in which a new chart is casted for a particular year to know about the possible events during the year.

  • Timing of Events - Timing of various events is all time favorite of every astrology learner. Proper understanding of Yogas, dasa and transit is the to key predict timing of an event.

  • Insights into classical texts - Many rules of various classical texts will be discussed with example charts.


Topics to be covered in the 3rd Year :

  • Prashna - The prashna starts from where natal chart can’t help. For example predicting the place of a lost item or predicting whether a particular amount will be recovered or not. Prashna is a very dynamic subject and needs very good understanding of astrology.

  • Predictive use of Nakshatra - Nakshatras are soul of zodiac belt. We will understand the use of nakshatras in prediction and after this point every contradictory rule of classical text will be clear and a new love for astrology will develop.

  • Timing of Events - Timing of events based on nakshatras gives us a proper understanding of planets, signs and houses and we will able to time an event beautifully.

  • Muhurata - Muhurata is a subject where we read time and if we understand time then Muhurata promises that we can decide destiny of any undertaking.

  • After completing the course successfully certificate will be awarded.

  • Discussion on various classical text will be organized.


Books Recommended :

  • Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra
  • Brihat Jataka
  • Phaldeepika
  • Sarvarth Chintamani
  • Jatak Parijata
  • Jatak Deshmarga
  • Hora Sara
  • Uttara Kalmirta
  • Prashna Marg
  • Shatpanchashika
  • Tajik Neelkatnthi etc.

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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